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The TREASURER will give a monthly financial report at each Guild meeting. This will be reported in the Newsletter. She will collect all membership dues and fees for workshops, keep all records of monies coming in and going out, have check signing authority to reimburse members that submit receipts for funds spent on Guild business, programs and other expenses, and along with the Secretary, update annual Guild memberships. This office is a two-year term.

The PROGRAM DIRECTORS will be responsible for arranging the program for the monthly meetings of the Guild, coordinate advance notice of programs with the Newsletter Editor, and coordinate workshops that may occur during the membership year. This position will be held by two people.

The NEWSLETTER EDITOR is responsible for the distribution of the monthly newsletter, which will be mailed or emailed at least one week prior to the next Guild meeting. The newsletter will include Guild meeting time and location, program information, membership information, the Treasurer’s report, and any other information pertinent to the Guild.

The GUILD HOSTESS position will be held by two people. They will be responsible for providing refreshments 30 minutes prior to each Guild meeting and making sure the area is cleaned up after the meeting. They will also be responsible for coordinating the October Pot Luck dinner.

The GREETER will be responsible for greeting current and new members and guests by having them sign in. She’ll take care of the birthday door prize drawing, and coordinate any block/fabric exchanges the Guild may have.

The HISTORIAN is responsible for maintaining a history of the Guild activities for future reference to include pictures and articles.

The WEB MASTER is responsible for maintaining the Guild’s website – This will include pertinent Guild information and pictures. The Web Master will have exclusive administrative rights for the website.


Most business will be conducted by the President at the beginning of each Guild meeting. There will be at least two board meetings during the membership year. Board members will consist of elected officers and any standing committee chairpersons. Other business may be brought up for discussion at these meetings and, if necessary, taken to the Guild membership for voting.

A Nominating Committee will be selected in August. Each person being considered for office will be contacted before the Guild membership votes. Voting of new officers will take place at the October meeting. Those members attending the meeting will vote by a show of hands. Those members shall be considered a quorum.

Outside speakers will be compensated per their fee.

An appropriate card will be sent to members regarding illness, death, or birth. A memorial will be sent in member’s name upon death not to exceed $25.

Guest may attend up to two meetings without paying dues.

The Guild shall participate in a bi-annual quilt show allowing active members of the Guild to showcase their quilts.

A monetary gift will be donated to the facility allowing us to hold Guild meetings and workshops.

As a non-profit organization, Jackson Quilters will make and donate quilts to charitable organizations as needs arise.

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