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The name of the quilt guild will be Jackson Quilters, which will be referred to as “the Guild” within these bylaws. The Guild is a non-profit organization that provides not only education in the art of quilting to current members, but also to the public, which increases the importance of making quilts and preserving their history and enjoyment. Any dues received will be used for the bi-annual quilt show, continuing education and any community projects when needed, and any expenses.



Membership is open to anyone that has an appreciation of quilts and/or quilt making. Members will pay dues on or before the third month of the year. This will allow them to participate in the Guild’s monthly meeting and program and gives them voting privileges on any of the Guild’s business. If
dues aren’t paid by March 31st, members will be dropped from the roll and they will not receive a newsletter.

The membership year will begin the fourth Monday in January and end the fourth Monday in October.

The annual dues shall be brought up for discussion at the officers’ meeting, which is to be held sometime before the first Guild meeting of the year. The decision to increase dues and the amount will be brought before the Guild membership for a vote.

Senior members dues will be three dollars less that the regular membership dues. (Senior members being those that are 65 years of age or above). A registration form will be required for all Guild members to fill out and, along with the dues, be submitted to the Treasurer.



Elected officers of the Guild will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairpersons, Newsletter Editor, Hostesses, Greeter, Historian, and Webmaster. Their term will be from January to October. Officers may be re-elected.

The PRESIDENT will preside at all meetings of the Guild and also at any Officers’ meetings. She will appoint committee chairs as necessary; have the authority to sign Guild checks and contracts, and any other responsibilities that may be necessary regarding the Guild

The VICE PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT-ELECT will preside at Guild meetings when the President is absent and assist the President whenever necessary.

The SECRETARY will take minutes of each Guild meeting and any officers’ meetings. She will submit minutes to the Newsletter editor by the deadline chosen by the Newsletter Editor, submit Guild news to the Mississippi Quilt Association (MQA) newsletter editor by their deadline, conduct and maintain any Guild correspondence not related to a special activity such as the quilt show, send a card to member or member’s family in case of death or illness, submit Guild meeting information to various newspapers every month, and along with the Treasurer, update annual Guild membership.


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